Rockwell PowerFlex 755 AC Drives

Rockwell PowerFlex 755 AC Drives

Rockwell PowerFlex 755 AC Drives

Mã: PowerFlex 755 AC Drives
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Biến tần Rockwell PowerFlex 755 AC Drives. Power ratings 0.75…1400 kW (1…2000 Hp) at 400/480V AC and 5.5…1500 kW (0.5…1500 Hp) at 600/690V AC

PowerFlex® 755 AC Drives provide ease of use, application flexibility, and high performance. They include multiple control and hardware options, as well as optional embedded safety features. With a comprehensive power range extending 0.75…1500 kW (1…2000 Hp), these drives are well-suited for a wide variety of motor control applications including pumps, fans, and conveyors. With integrated motion, these drives can reside on the same EtherNet/IP™ network as Kinetix® drives and can be configured, programmed, and controlled using the same embedded instruction sets.

New High-Power PowerFlex 755 AC Drives Provide Expanded Application Flexibility

The PowerFlex® 755 AC drives now offer a comprehensive power range reaching 0.75…1500 kW (1…2000 Hp). The PowerFlex 755 AC drives meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, tire and rubber, refining, material handling, metals, and mining.

PowerFlex 755 AC Drives Highlights

* Extended power range now reaches 0.75…1400 kW (1…2000 Hp) at 400/480V AC input and 5.5…1500 kW (0.5…1500 Hp) at 600/690V AC input
* Automatic Device Configurations allows Logix controllers to automatically detect a replaced PowerFlex 755 drive and download all configuration parameters, eliminating the need for manual configuration and helping to reduce downtime
* Control for energy-efficient Interior Permanent Magnet Motors (with encoder feedback)
* Advanced diagnostics help reduce downtime and provide additional monitoring to protect your investment
* Rockwell Automation® Integrated Motion eases drive configuration and control by using profiles and instruction sets embedded in RSLogix 5000 software
* Roll-in/roll-out design provides easy access to the drive for fast installation and maintenance
* Modular construction allows fast and easy replacement of parts such as the main blower, capacitor assembly and circuit boards, minimizing production downtime

Separate cooling channel minimizes exposure of electronics to airborne contaminants

New PowerFlex 750 Series AC Drives Provide Cost-Effective Option with Smaller Footprint

The PowerFlex 753 and PowerFlex 755 drives now offer new options designed for low-power applications that require full-featured, AC drives with an optimized size. Although small in size, these new drives retain the valuable features that have made the PowerFlex 750 Series popular, including predictive diagnostics, safety options, simplified integration, and a flexible slot-based architecture. Learn more about these new size-optimized drives on the PowerFlex 753 AC Drives page.
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